Watenshi Gin - United Kingdom
Watenshi Gin
700 ML
42% ABV

Watenshi Gin

The World's Most Exclusive Gin

Watenshi, Japanese Angel, captures that which should not exist. It is the angel’s share, that tiny fraction of spirit that escapes during distillation. All other distilleries sacrifice this, but we found a way to preserve that elusive percentage from our famous Japanese gin.

This refined technique utilises atmospheric pressure less than half that found at the summit of Mount Everest, and temperatures on a par with the coldest day ever recorded at the South Pole. The result is a yield of just 15ml every still run – that’s almost fifty distillations for a single bottle.

Undeniable Intensity. Fresh Softness.

Crystal clear in appearance, Watenshi is a dry, medium-bodied gin that balances undeniable intensity with fresh softness. Menthol notes of shiso partnered with yuzu citrus deliver lively acidity and energy, while a base of sansho and juniper provide a rich, long finish to savour. Truly, objectively, outstanding. Watenshi is best enjoyed either neat, or over ice.

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