Kever Genever

Award Winning Dutch Genever​

Since our launch in 2015 we came up with three Kever Genevers. Our green-labelled beauty is a contemporary interpretation of an old-Style Genever. Golden in colour, four times distilled, has fragrant cinnamon and apple on the nose, and crisp hints of bitterness.

Made with distillates of Tonkabean, gentian root, malt-wine and of course juniper. Our Kopstoot Kever Genever is one of a kind. it’s fruity, refreshing and your beers best friend. You will taste hints of tropical fruit and a slight citrus-bitterness of the hops. Made with distillates of hops, timut pepper, pineapple, banana and juniper. Combine this Genever with your favorite Weizen, I.P.A or any other good lager.

Our newest member is the Kever 0%. This first genever inspired 0% spirit is a very fresh and tasty alternative for when you are aren’t drinking. Mix Kever 0% with your favorite ginger ale or build your own non-alcoholic mocktail. 0% alcohol – 100% Kever.


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