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Virga and Paulistania Launch G&T on TAP in Brazil, Also Available For Export

São Paulo, November 2020Virga, the most Brazilian gin in the world, presents in partnership with Paulistânia, the craft beer from São Paulo, a gin tonic premixed in keg and served directly from tap. Innovative, convenient, sustainable and creative, Virga G&T on tap has everything to become the hit of the Brazilian summer of 2021.
Virga G&T on Tap is an artisanal cocktail ready to drink, presented in a unique way and freezing cold, just like draught beer is served in Brazil. Perfect to toast to the tropical vibes in Brazil and easy for bartenders to add their own creativity to it; just add ice, preferred garnish and fill the glass.

“The launch of Virga G&T on Tap shows our commitment to innovation and serve new quality offerings to our Virga consumers. With this initiative, we offer a pioneering product which is innovative and delivers against our core value ´sustainability´ as we use returnable kegs. For tap houses this is a fantastic product next to all beers and bridges the gap between artisanal beers and artisanal cocktails.”, says Felipe Jannuzzi, co-founder of Virga gin.

The idea of Virga G&T on Tap started when Felipe from Virga, Marcelo from Paulistânia, Daan from GinBuilders and Eduardo from Bottled Dog came together and decided to create the perfect Gin and Tonic mix on tap.

The tonic water is developed by the Paulistânia brewery, exclusively for this cocktail. The company Bier&Wein, owner of the awarded beer brand Paulistânia, is pioneer in the Brazilian market of specialty beers and imports the best specialty beers since 1993.

Before entering the keg, the mix receives exactly the right quantity of Virga gin, awarded the best Brazilian contemporary gin at the World Gin Awards in 2019. Produced in the countryside of São Paulo by the company Espiritos Brasileiros, Virga is the first gin in the country made in a copper still and using national botanicals.

The result is a well balanced cocktail, which hits the glass ice cold, contains a high carbonation rate and an alcohol percentage of 7,9%. The perfect marriage in between the quinine of the tonic water and the Brazilian botanicals of Virga result in a unique flavor combination of the best Brazil has to offer.

Virga G&T on Tap is the first formalized Gin Tonic on tap in Brazil. The union of master brewers and master distillers looks to strengthen and innovate the craft beverage industry, even during the challenging times we are living.

“I don´t have any doubt about the success of this partnership. On top of the quality of Virga G&T on Tap, there is the practicality: we are unifying two worlds using the same equipment, speeding up the service to consumers. Anybody who is drinking a draught beer in a bar and gets to know there is Virga G&T on Tap will be curious to try, that is the beauty of our product”, says Marcelo Stein, Managing Director of Bier&Wein.

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