Posted by the GinBuilders team in articles, on June 13th, 2020

Gin Trends 2020 – Our Top Predictions

1. The return of violet gin
From its heyday a couple of years ago violet gin has taken a backseat to pink and rhubarb gin but sales have been steadily rising this year…

2. Gin and soda will be the latest thing
Pre-mixed gin and soda cans are doing brisk business in Australia right now and we can see the combination taking off in a big way in the UK come next summer.

3. Pink gin Prosecco cocktails will be all over your Instagram feed
From the start of next year you’ll see Pink Prosecco in the shops, having just been given the go-ahead by Prosecco’s regulatory body, so expect a pink gin Prosecco cocktail explosion.

4. The gin festival market will expand
Gin festivals provide a chance to try a number of different gins for a set ticket price and more customers and suppliers are getting involved each year. Gin festivals are usually indoors, therefore they can happen all year round. Expect to see events near you multiply.

5. Non-UK gins are ready to take over
The UK is currently the gin capital of the world but gins such as Ryan Reynolds’ American Aviation Gin are gaining publicity. Four Pillars Gin from Australia recently won International Gin Producer of the Year, proving the quality of non-UK gins.

6. Eco-gin will be huge
From re-fillable gin bottles to sustainably made gin, the green revolution is set to sweep the gin world as distilleries compete to be the most eco-friendly.


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